RPx Platform

RPx therapies are engineered using a proprietary HSV-1 strain and immune activating transgenes to maximize T cell stimulation and systemic immune activation. The RPx platform uses a live, attenuated virus (HSV-1) that has been genetically modified to enable selective replication in tumor cells resulting in tumor killing while sparing normal cells, with a tolerable safety profile.

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Replimune is conducting trials designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of our investigational therapies in a range of solid tumors as single agents and combination with other immunotherapies. Learn more about our current trials here.

Research and Educational Support

Expanded Access

Replimune has established an individual patient expanded access (IPEA) process in accordance with FDA recommendations and standard guidance for companies/sponsors to address unmet needs in patients that have exhausted approved therapies and do not qualify for an existing clinical trial. The IPEA process allows us to consider requests for individual patient access to our investigational immunotherapy, RP1, outside of Replimune sponsored clinical trials, e.g., in indications or settings where RP1 has shown initial signs of activity yet the patient does not qualify for one of our ongoing clinical trials, or where a strong scientific rationale exists.

Link to full IPEA policy and application

IST Requests

Replimune is committed to supporting independent research to address areas of medical need and further investigate the safety/efficacy of our oncolytic immunotherapies. At Replimune, independent research is conducted through our Investigator Sponsored Trial (IST) program. Our IST program is open to physicians, researchers, academic centers, and cooperative groups that are interested in conducting independent clinical research. To learn more about the Replimune IST program or to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) please contact the team here ISTresearch@replimune.com.

  • Please note that submission of a request does not indicate that Replimune has agreed to fund your request. Decisions regarding funding are made only after the company has received and reviewed your complete request. You will be notified of the decision via an email sent to the address you provide upon registration. All decisions are final and in the complete discretion of Replimune.

CME Grants

We are committed to cancer research and treatment using oncolytic immunotherapy approaches. Under Replimune’s CME program, Replimune may provide funding to eligible applicants requesting support for unbiased, evidence-based, independent medical education activities targeting unmet educational needs in the areas of interest to the company.

Link to full grant application policy and application

Medical Information

Reach out to the REPL team with your specific medical inquiry.

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