The Immulytic Platform

Developing the next generation of oncolytic immunotherapy

Replimune is rapidly advancing its Immulytic™ oncolytic immunotherapy platform, which is designed to maximize systemic immune activation against tumor neoantigens in conjunction with immune checkpoint blockade. We believe that this approach will become a second cornerstone of immuno-oncology, in addition to anti-PD1/L1. The Immulytic platform has been developed to provide both maximum local tumor destruction and antigen release, and maximum systemic anti-tumor immune stimulation.

In addition to direct tumor killing, oncolytic viruses have the unique ability to generate an autologous vaccine to a patient’s particular complement of tumor antigens directly in situ in the patient in a truly off the shelf and practical approach, potentially solving a current ‘holy grail’ of immune-oncology research. Oncolytic immunotherapies also potently activate innate immunity, including through TLRs and STING. Finally, Replimune’s enhanced potency Immulytic viruses are “armed” to express potent immune activating proteins including immune co-stimulatory pathway activators and antibody-like molecules targeting CTLA-4. This allows the precise delivery of these proteins to the site of immune response initiation.

As a result of these multi-modal properties, the Immulytic platform bundles multiple immune-oncology approaches into one. It produces a universal neo-antigen vaccine, directly in situ in the patient, generates an inflamed tumor, and triggers innate immunity. It additionally expresses powerful immune stimulatory proteins providing optimal T cell activation. Direct delivery to the tumor & draining lymph nodes is intended to overcome systemic toxicity & low potency of other approaches due to off target effects.