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Founder and CEO of Replimune Limited Honored with the IPO Education Foundation’s 43rd Annual Inventor of the Year Award

Woburn, MA, Oxford, UK, December 7, 2016 – Replimune Ltd announced today that Dr. Robert Coffin, Ph.D., its founder and CEO, has been honored with the 43rd Annual Inventor of the Year Award by the IPO Education Foundation. Dr. Coffin received the award in Washington D.C. .Dr. Coffin’s invention, now Amgen’s IMLYGIC, is the first in the class of oncolytic immunotherapy drugs to receive marketing approval anywhere in the world. IMLYGIC is designed to replicate in cancer cells leading to oncolysis, whereby the release of tumor derived antigens, virally derived GM-CSF, and replicated IMLYGIC produce potent antitumor immune responses. As such, IMLYGIC is potentially broadly applicable to solid tumors even though it is currently only approved in melanoma.

Dr. Coffin is a pioneer in the fields of oncolytic viral therapy and cancer immunotherapy having spent more than15 years conceiving and developing IMLYGIC and related products. This award recognizes the dedication required of Dr Coffin and the many dedicated professionals involved in the entire innovation and drug development process through to the ultimate commercialization of life saving treatments. This year, the Foundation chose to honor the inventors of six drugs in the field of cancer immunotherapy, which in addition to IMLYGIC were BLINCYTO (Amgen), YERVOY (BMS), NIVOLUMAB (BMS), KEYTRUDA (Merck) & TECENTRIQ (Roche).

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Replimune expands its management team and moves into dedicated development facilities

Oxford, UK, April 1st, 2016 – Replimune announced today the expansion of its management team and the opening of new product development facilities and offices in the UK and US. The expanded management team includes five senior appointments, Dr. Colin Love as Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Pamela Esposito as Chief Business Officer, Annie Woodland as Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality, Susan Doleman as Vice President of Clinical Development, and Dr. Tess Schmalbach as Executive Medical Director.

Replimune is developing next generation oncolytic immunotherapy products intended to maximise both the direct anti-tumor effect of oncolytic therapy, and the induction of a systemic immune response to tumor antigens, including neoantigens. The new team has considerable expertise in this area, as each previously led their respective functions at BioVex Inc, the original developer of talimogene laherparepvec (T-VEC; Imlygic) up until acquisition by Amgen in 2011.  T-VEC is the first in the class of oncolytic immunotherapy drugs to receive marketing approval anywhere in the world, and is now approved for the treatment of advanced melanoma in the US, EU and Australia.

Colin Love comes to Replimune having most recently provided consultancy support to a range of companies from small gene therapy start-ups to large established biotech companies. He has over 30 years experience developing and launching biotechnology products and led development teams for Medeva, Serono and Amersham, prior to joining BioVex. Colin was SVP of Product Development at BioVex from 2000 until it was acquired by Amgen in 2011. Following the acquisition, he remained at Amgen as VP of R&D Operations working on T-VEC until it was approved in 2015.

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Replimune Ltd raises $30 million Series A Financing

Atlas Venture leads Series A, joining existing seed investors Omega Funds and Forbion Capital Partners

OXFORD, United Kingdom. – Sept 24th, 2015 – Replimune Ltd (Replimune) today announced the closing of a $30 million Series A financing led by Atlas Venture (Atlas).  Atlas joins previous seed investors Forbion Capital Partners (Forbion) and Omega Funds (Omega) as investors in this funding round.

Replimune, headquartered in Oxford UK and with a significant presence in Cambridge, MA, was founded in April 2015 to develop the next generation of ‘oncolytic immunotherapies’ for the treatment of cancer.

Jason Rhodes, Partner at Atlas, will join the board of Replimune together with Otello Stampacchia and Sander Slootweg of Omega and Forbion, respectively.

Oncolytic immunotherapy is an emerging class of cancer therapeutics which exploit the ability of viruses to selectively replicate in and kill tumor tissue, while at the same time inducing a potent, patient-specific, anti-tumor immune response.  Oncolytic viruses have the unique ability to generate an autologous immune response to the patient’s particular complement of tumor antigens, including neoantigens, with a truly off-the-shelf approach. While clear single agent clinical activity has been achieved with oncolytic immunotherapy, it is anticipated that particular synergy may be observed in combination with immune checkpoint blockade and other immune-modulatory approaches. Immune checkpoint blockade relies on a pre-existing inflamed tumor microenvironment and a pre-existing immune response to tumor neoantigens for clinical activity, which are only present in some patients. Oncolytic immunotherapy can provide both of these and therefore combination of these two proven modalities is particularly logical and attractive.

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